Ali and Pawan Kalyan, the leader of JanaSena, were formerly close friends. But thanks to ycp head Jagan's decision to place ali against Pawan Kalyan, that is now a thing of the past. ali has made what may be regarded as a very unusual statement by stating that he is willing to compete against Pawan Kalyan. 

Ali's response to the question of whether he would run against pawan kalyan was, "Friendship is different, and political aspirations are different. Two members of the same family frequently cast their votes for opposing parties. I feel the same way about PK. I'm willing to compete against him.

Ali continued, "I'm up for it if jagan invites me to compete against Pawan Kalyan. I'll run for office in whichever district jagan invites me to. Some online users are astonished by this since they didn't anticipate Ali, who used to be one of Pawan's closest friends, to publicly declare his readiness to challenge the latter. In any case, pawan kalyan was recently asked by ali to his daughter's wedding, but he chose not to go. Internet users are now stating that this is a sign of their fractured relationship.

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