The national media is curiously looking to see if lokesh will exhibit any leadership characteristics as a result of the padayatra and become Naidu's true heir apparent. Even if the tdp didn't win the election, one wonders if lokesh would prove himself to be a capable leader like his father. Being a youthful man, lokesh may not have found it challenging to walk 4,000 miles in 400 days. At 63 years old, Naidu was able to walk approximately 2,800 miles; lokesh will undoubtedly be able to accomplish the same.

But the million-dollar issues are whether he will be able to draw crowds and gain their trust, whether he will face down challenges from the opposition congress PARTY' target='_blank' title='ysr congress-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>ysr congress party, and whether he will be able to incite any joy among the party's cadres. According to a source in the national media, lokesh has reportedly been enjoying the success of his renowned grandfather N T Rama Rao and father N chandrababu naidu these last few days. Despite having entered active politics about ten years ago, he has not been able to demonstrate his capacity for leadership.

He received the nicknames "Pappu Naidu" and "Chitti Naidu," just like rahul Gandhi, because he was unable to defeat mangalagiri for his own assembly seat. He was appointed directly to the position of minister in Naidu's cabinet and then selected for the mla quota in the state legislative council. While K T Rama Rao, the son of telangana chief minister and Bharat Rashtra Samithi president K chandrasekhar Rao, and Y S jagan Mohan Reddy, the son of the late cm Y S Rajasekhar Reddy, could establish themselves as worthy political heirs, lokesh was unable to establish himself as a leader.

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