It has been established that the media outlets and newspapers affiliated with the tdp share a communication hub where stories for negative campaigns against the YCP-led administration are organised. Surprisingly, the same fabricated survey narrative about I-PAC, an election strategist firm working for YCP, has been spread simultaneously by all TDP-friendly stations, portals, and dailies.

According to the article, a survey by I-PAC found that 20 out of 25 ministers are trembling because they are certain they would lose the upcoming general election. This story was reported in its channel as well as being featured as a banner item in Andhra Jyothy. On its twitter account, I-PAC denounced this false report while mentioning the abn channel. The company claims that they have never created a survey of this nature. "The news story that #AndhraJyothy @abntelugutv published is TOTALLY FAKE. We vehemently reject the use of phoney surveys to mislead the public. Such desperate tactics simply serve to highlight them "Mentions of the I-PAC twitter handle.

The impending general elections in andhra pradesh were taken seriously by all political parties, and preparations for them have already begun. The opposition parties are optimistic that they may overthrow the ruling party thanks to the YCP's poor decisions. If everything goes according to plan, all of the opposition parties may be housed together.

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