A number of party legislators, notably those in the nellore district, have been raising their voices firmly against the administration, if not the party, causing ysr Congress party president and andhra pradesh chief minister Y S jagan Mohan reddy a lot of difficulty. Following former minister and venkatagiri MLA Anam Ramnarayan reddy, who has all but destroyed the party in his district by criticising the administration and officials, kotamreddy sridhar reddy has been causing problems for the party by making outrageous claims.

Despite calling sridhar reddy and berating him for hoisting a banner of revolt, jagan did not change his ways. kotamreddy said on monday that state intelligence had been monitoring him and had been listening in on his phone calls. He continued by alleging that the police would not bug a ruling party MLA's phone without receiving permission from the Chief Minister's Office. For the past three months, it has been happening. Within two days, I received the precise information, claimed sridhar Reddy.

Unfortunately, he was being watched by the political intelligence wing, which he lamented because they were monitoring the opposition parties. According to reports, he claimed to his supporters that he had been working for the ysr family for many years, ever when raja Reddy and ysr were in power, but that he was now the target of an attack. sridhar reddy questioned Jagan's disregard for him. Is it inappropriate for me to hold the positions of Speaker, Deputy Speaker, or even district party President?, he questioned.

It has been reported that jagan is furious at sridhar Reddy's remarks. Like Anam, he could be executed at any time. Another nellore Nallapureddy MLA, prasanna Kumar reddy, is reportedly furious about being ignored by the party. He has apparently been given a very clear indication that he might not run for the party's nomination in the upcoming assembly elections.

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