There have been numerous discussions surrounding Akhil's Agent since the new teaser, in which he appears in a blood bath and the producers reveal april 28th as the release date, was released. And other people claim that this similarity to Shah Rukh Khan's Pathaan may ruin the anticipation for the film. Shah Rukh Khan also had a similar opening sequence in the recently released film Pathaan, in which he is chained to a chair and tortured till he bleeds profusely.
This tiny tidbit also made reference to akhil, and it sounded rather similar. However, isn't that a common motif shot in all spy thrillers? As long as the action sequences are stylish and the narrative sounds original, this likeness won't hurt the movie. For "Agent," that is what is most important and the additional scenes with new usage of weapons too.

On the other hand, one must determine whether or not the audience will actually accept akhil akkineni playing such a significant position as the world's saviour. Everyone wants to know why it didn't work out in his debut movie and why he doesn't have the same massive mass appeal as ntr or Charan.

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