Ugadi Festival: Flowers-vegetable prices skyrocketing...

Due to the demand for Ugadi, some veggies and flowers have seen price increases of over 20% in Vizag. According to traders, the recent rains have damaged crops in some areas of north coastal andhra pradesh, which will drive up the price of veggies even more.

According to the local calender, andhra pradesh and a few other states in the nation celebrate Ugadi as the start of the New Year for Hindus. On Wednesday, Ugadi is expected to be celebrated. On this special day, people exchange greetings, share chutney called Ugadi Pachadi, and decorate their homes with flowers on the doorways, mangoes, and neem leaves.

The cost of some flower varieties has increased by 20 to 30 per cent as a result of the unseasonal rains and the Ugadi holiday. According to K Naidu, a trader in vizag city, the price of crossandra, which normally costs Rs 200 per kg, has increased to Rs 350 per kg.

Compared to roses, which are offered at Rs250 per kg, jasmine buds cost Rs400 per kg. Some veggies were also sold at a price of Rs 80 per kg.

The region's crops have been damaged by the high morning temperatures and the evening downpour, according to M Sangeeta, a housewife. "We may have to fork over more money for the vegetables and flowers in the coming days," she said.

Due to a lack of supply, the merchants also raised the prices of raw mangoes and neem flowers. "Our wallets are getting more and more shredded by the skyrocketing costs. The neem flower gives the Ugadi chutney its bitter flavor, symbolizing the aridity of existence. However, paradoxically, the lack of neem flowers on the market has caused prices to soar, according to K Siva Kumar.

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