Whatsapp Update..! Add so many people in Voice Call..?

Whatsapp Desktop App: To extend the whatsapp service to Windows, the company has launched the whatsapp Desktop App. Here are the benefits to be gained by this. mark zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, the parent company of Facebook, whatsapp, and instagram, has announced new features for whatsapp Groups. This update gives admins more control over who can join whatsapp groups and makes it easier for people to join groups. The new update will make it easier to find out what groups you have in common with, mark zuckerberg said.

WhatsApp Desktop:

Also, Meta has announced on its website that it will offer whatsapp desktop service from today. It said, today, they are introducing a new whatsapp app for Windows. It's faster. The app is also built like the mobile version. You can now make group video calls around eight people and audio calls around 32 people. We will continue to increase these limits over time. This way you can always stay in touch with friends, family, and colleagues. As we continue to grow the number of devices that support whatsapp, we recently launched a new whatsapp beta experience for Android tablets and Mac desktops, which are currently in the early stages of beta. We plan to bring whatsapp to more devices in the future.
Whatsapp group updates:

Apart from that, mark zuckerberg announced several new updates for the whatsapp group on his instagram broadcast channel. Thus, whatsapp tends to bring significant changes in this. These changes follow a few updates made over the past few months. Several updates came recently, including expanding the membership of whatsapp groups and giving admins the ability to delete messages sent in groups they manage. Last year, they created whatsapp Community to help people use their groups on WhatsApp. Since its launch, they have wanted to create even more services for admins and users. Today they are excited to release some new updates. They have added more functionality for admins to manage groups and changes to make groups easier for everyone. Zuckerberg said.
WhatsApp Group: New Controls for Admins

As more people join the whatsapp community, whatsapp gives group admins more control over their group privacy. The company has developed a simple tool that gives administrators the ability to decide who can join a group.

WhatsApp Group: view common groups easily
WhatsApp Community With the growth of their large groups, whatsapp makes it easy to know which groups you have in common with someone. You and your contact are in whatsapp groups together. Whether you know it or not, you can now easily search for that contact's name if you want to see what groups you're in common, Zuckerberg said. According to the company, these features will begin rolling out globally in the coming weeks.

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