This subject is complemented by the music that Maestro ilayaraja has created. The song "Damidi" has a pleasant melody. The maestro himself is singing a tune in the background, giving the narrative weight. It would have been better to edit more precisely. Along with the tale, the language flows naturally. The camera work is good overall.

Although "Rangamarthanda" is a remake of the highly regarded Marathi movie "Natsamrat," telugu viewers are already aware with the plot. We are all aware with the main drama thanks to classic movies like "Samsaram Oka Chadarangam" and "Soorigadu" as well as through television programs. The Marathi film, however, provided fresh insight into acting and the curse of performers, who are forced to live the lives that authors and filmmakers have imagined for them while still having to deal with the harsh realities of everyday life.

In one moment, the two buddies played by prakash raj and brahmanandam thank their great wives for letting them pursue their acting goals. They feel terrible since they have engaged in more extramarital relationships than they have triumphs, and they are unsure of God's forgiveness for their sins. In another scenario, a newly widowed brahmanandam puts out a scene from one of their plays while lying in bed in the hospital, then unexpectedly asks his friend to assist him in passing away.

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