For the third time, actor mahesh babu and director Trivikram srinivas are working on the untitled SSMB28 movie. The movie is said to be the most popular one in the marketplace. Depending on how the crew sets the tone moving forward, the buzz surrounding the movie will only become stronger. Next week is Ramnavami, one of the largest festivals in India, and mahesh babu supporters are pleading with the producers of SSMB28 on social media to announce the title of the movie on this auspicious day. 

The squad is under pressure from superstar fans to give them a first glimpse at the title. There may be conflicting views if the filmmakers choose to announce the title by releasing only a poster. The vast majority of Superstar fans will be let down if the title is elegant. Others will question how they could use such a title for a family film if it is overtly vulgar. It's preferable for the movie's creators to announce the title in a clip that features interesting movie content. The title will better reach the audience thanks to the outstanding images, and the unnecessary conversation about the title will go.

The movie will be the biggest star hero movie in a long time, which will be a great advantage. Due to the severe lack of star hero movies, there will be an unprecedented desire to see SSMB28 on a big screen. Fans of all heroes as well as the general public will be eager to see it. All non-SSR recordings will be destroyed if the film's message resonates with audiences in a big way.

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