Three missiles misfired in the Pokhran field...

Army exercise was going on on friday at Pokhran field firing range in jaisalmer district of Rajasthan. During this exercise, three missiles misfired. It is being said that these missiles exploded in the air and fell outside the range. Wreckage of two missiles has been found and the third is being ascertained. Fear has spread among the people around after the news of missiles misfiring and falling out of range. However, no one has been harmed in this accident.

According to officials, three surface-to-air missiles fell at different places during an army exercise in jaisalmer itself. While the debris of two missiles has been found, the search is on to locate the third one. All three missiles, according to sources, detonated in the air and landed outside the field's firing range.

Wreckage of a missile was found in the field near Ajasar village outside the field firing range. The debris of the second missile was found in a deserted area near satya village. Although there was no loss of life, but the field where the missile fell had pits. Investigation is on to find out the real reason behind the incident. Along with the rajasthan Police, the army team is also engaged in searching for the debris of the third missile.

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