Giddalur Constituency mla Anna Rambabu criticised ttd EO dharma Reddy for his authoritarian style. Rambabu claimed that although everyone is equal before God, some positions have special rules. The EO works for the sacred place, not its owner. They, too, want to ask the Lord for blessings as MLAs, following the protocol with which He has blessed them.

Rambabu questioned how the EO could reject and disrespect the Chief Minister's letters, mla procedure, and other documents. He said he would call the Chief Minister's attention to the overly zealous and constrictive approach and voiced his displeasure with it. Additionally, a number of officers and department heads have been accused of abusing their authority and demeaning other leaders who are entitled to constitutional respect.

TTD, an independent body, has a procedure for setting up darshans. Rambabu asserts that it has utterly failed, demonstrating bias in ttd and other state government agencies. The feed mixing facility at Sri Venkateswara Goshala in tirupati would be operational as of march 31, according to Joint Executive Officer (H&E) sada Bhargavi of the tirumala tirupati Devasthanams (TTD). She went visited the feed mixing factory, which is being built with cutting-edge technology for Rs 11 crore so that livestock can receive reinforced feed.

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