No Internet, No ATM - Life under a Curfew..?

Locals in Manipur are experiencing curfews, a lack of internet, a battle for basic necessities, dried-up ATM kiosks, and a climate of dread and uncertainty as a result of fighting between Meiteis and Kukis. After a relative respite of more than a fortnight, the state, which has been plagued by ethnic warfare for about a month, had a surprising uptick in confrontations and shooting between militants and security forces on Sunday. 80 people have now died as a result of conflicts, according to officials.

The Imphal markets fill up as the curfew is lifted for a few hours. Even at five in the morning, men and women leave their homes to wait in queue outside of stores to buy goods. Pabitra Dakhali stated, "We have been standing here since five in the morning. When the curfew is lifted is when we may make purchases. The merchandise is usually gone by the time it is our turn. This issue must be resolved immediately. Peace and normalcy are necessary.

Another woman in queue, Tania Rai, remarked, "We can't go to school, college or the office. Even for their competitive exams, students are unable to attend class. It gets worse because the costs keep going up. Life in Manipur has come to a halt, from basic services like banking to all business. The arrival of Union home minister amit shah has citizens hoping that their problems would soon be resolved.

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