After a dispute erupted over a viral video showing police officers and a government-appointed photographer viciously hitting a villager, the situation in Dholpur village, assam,  remains tense. As he raced towards police officers with a stick in hand, the man, who was apparently protesting an eviction effort, was beaten and fired at by officers. During the battles with the police, two people were murdered, and at least 20 others, including police officers, were badly hurt.

Meanwhile, locals in the state's Dholpur region allegedly attacked security officers who had arrived to carry out an eviction campaign, according to a witness. The cops were forced to open fire as a result of this.Saddam Hussain and Sheikh Forid were recognised as the victims. Several individuals were also hurt, including nine police officers. According to sources, Assistant Sub-Inspector Moniruddin has been taken to the Gauhati Medical college Hospital in a serious condition.Assam police were attempting to expel "encroachers" when the event occurred. The public outcry erupted in response to a demand for the rehabilitation of almost 800 families who had been evicted from property they had lived on for decades. On Monday, the assam government carried out a huge eviction campaign in Dholpur Gorukhuti hamlet in the Darrang district, displacing around 800 people. The government was able to reclaim 4,500 hectares of land.

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