Remembering the heroes of Mumbai: 26/11 terror attack

The Ghastly attacks happened on november 26th, 2008 which also lasted for four days. This unfortunate incident in mumbai happened thirteen years ago. Although so many years passed, it had left a damaged scar in all our hearts and also remains fresh till now. The 26/11 mumbai attack caused the death of 166 people and more than 300 people were injured.

One of the incidents has happened to shyam Sundar Chaudhary who was driving a taxi in Mumbai. He lives in the slums of Mumbai's Vile Parle. The terrorists hit him with the bullet on that fateful day. Luckily, he survived but was paralyzed after that. His wife in an interview narrated that story after thirteen years. Her husband was going for duty that day and while he was crossing the road, a car rushed nearby with bullets starting to come out firing her husband. The bullets started to hit her husband's head and also his shoulders. After this trauma, her husband is now bedridden and cannot move on his own. For all these years, he is only in bed now, weeps his wife narrating this incident. Her children's studies are taken care of by Tata Trust. She couldn't go to work since she had to take care of her husband.
                                      The second site for the attack happened in Nariman's house and complex where his wife and six other people were killed by the terrorists after holding them hostage. The third attack was held in taj mahal Hotel and Tower. Four terrorists were involved in the attack before entering the Taj Hotel. At Oberoi-Trident hotel, two terrorists had entered and killed more than 30 people. The attack was completely ended by The National Security Guards who seized the terrorists at the Taj Hotel. After the attack, it was found that ten terrorists came from Pakistan, Karachi via sea. During this attack, 9 terrorists were killed and one was sentenced to death.

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