Four sisters, who were at the frontline of standing with the victim in the sexual assault case against Bishop Franco Mulakkal in kerala, have stated that they will maintain their fight till justice is served. One of the sisters, Sister Anupama, stated that they saw Franco's acquittal as a result of power and money. "It's still hard for us to believe." We did not receive justice from the court, as we did from the police and the prosecution. 

We will keep fighting until our sister receives justice. Everything seemed to be working in our favor. "We have no idea what transpired after that," Sr Anupama told the journalists outside their monastery in Kuravilangad, kottayam district, alongside three other sisters. Yesterday, a kerala court cleared Roman Catholic Bishop Franco Mulakkal of sexually assaulting a nun in the monastery. Mulakkal (57), the bishop of the jalandhar diocese of the Roman Catholic church, was charged with raping the nun numerous times between 2014 and 2016 during his appointment to a convent in this neighborhood while he was the bishop of the jalandhar diocese of the Roman Catholic church. He was declared innocent by the Additional district and Sessions court II, kottayam, declaring that the defendant failed to generate a proof.

The nuns have stated that they will appeal to a higher court until the survivor receives justice. "We will keep fighting until our sister receives justice." We will fight till the end, even if it means death. "Bishop Franco is a wealthy man with a lot of muscle," Sr Anupama stated. They further stated that they'll never depart the convent and that they will battle from within. Sisters Alphy, Anupamaa, Josephine, Ninaa Rose, and Ancett were the nuns who put their lives on the line for their colleague and friend, the rape survivor, by coming out in public. The survivor received widespread public sympathy after these nuns staged a protest in august 2018.

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