"Jagan is taking his time deciding which way he would lean. He can wait until the very last minute and search for the candidate that the bjp and the opposition will both put up. There is no obligation on jagan to choose who his party would endorse until the opposition band together and field a name that is broadly accepted "says P. raghavendra Reddy, a political analyst. Since there are rumours that the bjp may nominate a South Indian, a woman, or a tribal as its presidential candidate, the YSRCP could decide to back them in that scenario by arguing nativity or the moral high ground.

He added that jagan may argue that there shouldn't be elections for constitutional offices even in the absence of national opposition unification and that he would support the BJP's nomination in such case. The BJP-led nda will place its hopes in the YSRCP and BJD, which have always come to the Modi government's aid whenever it needs backing from outside the nda to pass important laws in parliament, since the opposition appears to be leading by approximately 2% votes.

In the event that the opposition parties field a joint candidate, the YSRCP's involvement is anticipated to be vital to guarantee the success of the nda candidate. The YSRCP is estimated to have 4% of the vote value in the electoral college for the presidential election. Members of the Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha, and all state Assemblies make up the electoral college. The YSRCP's vote worth is calculated at 43,674 based on its representation in both houses of parliament and its assembly vote total in Andhra Pradesh. Among the parties deemed to be on the fence, this is the highest.

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