Regardless of the movie's content, sai pallavi was able to generate a lot of buzz about "Virata Parvam" through interviews and controversy. This brings up the question of why she is a larger starlet in commercial movies than Nayanthara. Nayanthara has quit promoting her movies ever since she became a superstar in demand in Tamilnadu. She never promoted any other movie than her husband Vignesh Shivan's movies, which are primarily her own productions, with the exception of doing an interview for sekhar Kammula's Anamika.

Nayanthara avoided advertising for Sye Raa even at that time. It's surprising that she wouldn't aid in the film's marketing despite accepting crores of rupees in compensation. She continues, "A picture should succeed on its own merits, not as a result of promotions." Evidently, making movies is a business, and movies need to be effectively promoted to audiences if they are to be successful. Regarding sai pallavi, despite having finished filming for the most of the movie almost two years ago, the actress gave the movie's publicity her all. sai pallavi did everything she could to advance the promotion of Virata Parvam, from interviews to city visits, events to participating on tv shows.

It is now clear that the advertisements were effective because the movie had strong openers in telugu states. In this sense, sai pallavi is undoubtedly a bigger starlet than Nayan, and if we take the glitter out of it, she is also a bigger actress. She won't become a Powerstar, though, unless she keeps bringing in box office smashes.

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