The Film Chamber stated that they will meet to examine the issues and that shooting won't start again until a solution is found. The top authority said that the telugu cinema business is going through a difficult time right now, and that this is making producers, distributors, exhibitors, and everyone else unhappy. They are currently debating a number of issues to decide what steps should be made to restart the film industry. All 24 filmmaking specialties will participate in the consultations.

The producers are concerned about things like declining theatre attendance, rising ticket prices, new releases on OTT, and rising production costs. Many films' production has halted due to the producers' bodies' actions. These movies include "Pushpa 2" by Allu Arjun, "The Ghost" by Nagarjuna, "Tiger Nageshwara Rao" and "Ravanasura" by ravi Teja, "Tiger Nageshwara Rao" and "Ravanasura" by Balakrishna-Gopichand Malineni, and "Khushi" by Vijay Deverakonda.

Many industry insiders were not pleased with the recent decision of tollywood producers to halt the telugu film shoots. aswini Dutt and Bandla Ganesh, two producers, have previously publicly criticised this choice. Senior actor suman has now criticised the action as well. Why did they decide to halt the shootings? suman questioned, "If they say everyone in the profession is a family, then why can't producers have a clean chat with star heroes and directors?

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