Naga Shaurya and Shirley Setia are ready to delight as krishna and Vrinda in the movie krishna Vrinda Vihari, which follows their transformation from young lovers into newlyweds with the support of their families. With the two families' differing traditions, the journey will be enjoyable. In the interim, Anish R Krishna's film krishna Vrinda Vihari has received U/A certificates and is finished with the censor. Less than 2:20 hours of runtime make up the short overall duration. The actual runtime, without adverts and other things, will be about 2:15 hours.

Anish krishna intended for the film to be an all-out comedy with some family drama in the second half. There will be laughter at Shaurya's attempts to persuade his mother, who is played by Radhika, and girlfriend, Shirley. Enough entertainment is guaranteed by the presence of well-known comedians. The team is aggressively advertising the film, and Shaurya even participated in a padayatra for further exposure.

The movie has passed the box office after the release and the verdict is also already out that the movie is said to be a clear family entertainer and it also engages younger section of audience. Stay tuned for more updates.

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