The long-awaited megastar chiranjeevi song from Waltair Veerayya, "Boss Party," was finally released the other day to mixed reviews from movie fans. Of course, such responses are fairly typical for the works of devi sri prasad and the songs of chiranjeevi, but eventually they become chart-toppers. The mass appearance of this Mega Boss is currently the subject of much debate.

It seems that some people find Megastar's straightforward appearance from previous films like Mutamestri, which consists of an unbuttoned shirt, vest, and lungi over a nicker, to be overly threatening. Others consider his Waltair Veerayya appearance to be rather bulky and alluring. Regardless of what they claim, megastar is, if we must say so, still rocking today. While his costumes then seemed fairly organic, they now have a lot of shine and shimmer to fit the current style.

In the song's full lyrical video, which was released, not much of the visuals have been made public by the creators. They claim that a few of the dancing movements in the song will astound theatregoers. When the full song is released, they claim that urvashi Rautela's alternate appearance in a saree with a different design will also excite those who enjoy glitz.

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