According to reports, Y S sharmila, the head of the ysr telangana party and sister of andhra pradesh chief minister Y S jagan Mohan Reddy, was arrested in warangal on Monday. With facial injuries and slightly bleeding lips, Sharmila—who was forcibly relocated to Hyderabad—appeared before the media at her lotus Pond home.

Despite the fact that she remained mum about what had transpired, her media team has claimed that the police beat her up as they were arresting her in the Narasampet assembly constituency's Shankaram Thands of Chennaraopet mandal. The telangana Rashtra Samiti employees were responsible for the attack on her convoy, which resulted in the destruction of the cars and the partial burning of the caravan. Naturally, her supporters struck back. However, the police detained sharmila and sent her to hyderabad on the grounds that the padayatra she was leading may upset the district's sense of law and order.

The cops forced her into the car after she questioned why she was being detained rather than the attackers of her convoy. Her face was bruised as a result of some female police officers pushing her while holding her by the face, according to a supporter of YSRTP. sharmila claimed that the police were passive observers during the attack and questioned why they were not apprehending those who carried it out.

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