An undercover agent and patriot named Pathaan (Shah Rukh Khan) is on a quest to stop Jim, a former raw agent turned terrorist (John Abraham). Jim has a horrific past that causes him to rebel against his own nation and experience emotional loss. As a result, he founds Outfit X, the most dangerous private terrorist group in the world. For his Rakhtbeej assignment, Jim employs ISI spy Rubina Khan (Deepak Padukone). How is the Rakhtbeej mission terminated by Pathaan?

Undoubtedly, Shah Rukh Khan gave a remarkable performance. He was the star of every scene, romantic or otherwise. With her glitz, deepika padukone torched the screen. She is not only limited to glamorous roles. She plays an important part in the story's twists and turns and contributes to them. However, her performance in hollywood movies makes us think of Scarlett Johansson. The formidable and brutal foe is Johan Abraham. His past provides context for his present.

The audience enthusiastically whistles and claps in response to salman Khan's amazing cameo. He and SRK nailed an action scene, providing fans of the genre a true jugal-bandhi experience. Dimple Kapadia's character has a sentimental undertone. Now, as per trade sources, the movie has completely dominated the box office in South india beating all the Sankrathi releases and in fact the crowds are being attracted towards king Khan right now.

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