According to the US State Department, it is past time to emphasise the significance of democratic values like freedom of expression and make it a point to do so not only in india but also around the world. The BBC documentary on prime minister Narendra Modi has caused controversy, prompting a reaction from US State Department spokesperson Ned Price. The US State Department stated in a briefing on wednesday that Washington supports free press worldwide and that it is crucial to emphasise democratic ideals like freedom of expression.

Price responded, "We support the significance of a free press around the world," when asked if the BBC documentary's prohibition is an issue of press freedom or freedom of expression. "We continue to emphasise the value of democratic values as human rights that support the growth of our democracies, such as freedom of expression and freedom of religion or belief. We emphasise this in all of our interactions with people. We have undoubtedly raised this issue in india as well "He continued as he answered the question.

Last week, UK prime minister Rishi Sunak supported prime minister Narendra Modi and declared his disagreement with the way his indian counterpart was portrayed in the BBC documentary series.

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