According to a recent tracker poll performed by People's Pulse, a Hyderabad-based political research organisation, the ruling ysr congress party still controls the seven assembly seats designated for scheduled tribes in Andhra Pradesh. If elections were held right away, the ysr congress would easily win six seats designated for STs, while the telugu desam party would only take home one constituency, according to this tracker poll analysis.

According to the analysis, the tdp would receive 39.39 percent of the vote in these constituencies, while the ysr congress would receive 44.25 percent. Despite receiving 8.19% of the vote, the Jana Sena would not win a seat (Margin of error plus or minus 3 percent). All seven of the reserved seats would see fierce competition if the widespread assumption that there may be some sort of arrangement between the tdp and the Jana Sena materialises. As of right now, Rampachodavaram, Paderu, Araku, Salur, Palakonda, and kurupam are all comfortably held by the ysr Congress. In Polavaram, the tdp is well entrenched.

In Rampachodavaram, Paderu, Araku, and Salur, the YSRC has a 6 to 8 percent vote share advantage over its closest challenger, the TDP. Only 1.31 percent separates the vote shares of the YSRC and tdp in Palakonda. The vote share for the Jana Sena party would be 13.97% in Rampachodavaram, 9.23% in Araku, 9.09% in kurupam, 7.27% in Polavaram, 7.29% in Paderu, 5.18% in Salur, and 5.3% in Palakonda.

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