The polavaram project, Andhra Pradesh's lifeline, is not meeting its goals. Reverse tendering was used by jagan Mohan reddy to bring in a new contractor, however it actually backfired on the project. The project is also being further delayed by technical issues on which the administration did not place enough emphasis. According to a prior RTI submitted to the Central government, polavaram (excluding R&R) is 71.31% finished as of june 2, 2019.

Only 78.99% of the project will be finished by october 2022. In the three years and four months of jagan Mohan Reddy's reign, that translates to barely 7.68% improvement. Gajendra Singh Shekawat, a minister for the Union Jal Shakthi, disclosed this in front of lawmakers. The project will never be finished at this pace. According to the minister, the polavaram is now expected to be finished by january 2026. That indicates that the next government has already received the blame. 

Polavaram used to be the major priority under the previous government, but giveaways are now the focus. As a result, it had been neglected. With a total capacity of 194 TMC, the polavaram Multi-Purpose Irrigation Project can irrigate around 5 lakh acres across two crops annually. Additionally, 960MW of Hydel Power, which is currently the least expensive power on the market, will be produced by the project.

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