Some possibilities do not arise frequently. Only once in a lifetime do they appear. It would be a grave error to pass up such opportunities. We're talking about ntr, who blew the chance to perform on the oscar stage. Any actor would consider appearing on that platform to be a lifelong accomplishment, and it would go down in the annals of cinema history forever. It has benefited kalabhairava and rahul Sipligunj.

NTR and ram charan were initially given the chance to dance on stage. However, raj Kapoor, the producer of RRR's oscar campaign, told the Academy that because of a lack of rehearsal time, both actors were uneasy performing the hit song again. Further research revealed that ntr, not ram charan, had turned down the chance. Despite spending a lot of effort on it, ntr reportedly feels awkward joining ram charan on the step and is disappointed over not receiving an oscar nomination.

How can he dance when he wasn't nominated and someone else won? said a close source. He is that way. Whatever the case, ntr and ram charan squandered a tremendous chance that only comes along once in a lifetime.


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