A city court on wednesday incarcerated YouTuber Chintapandu naveen Kumar alias Teenmaar Mallanna and four other people in connection with an accusation that they kidnapped and assaulted two police officers. The accused were brought before a court in hayathnagar and were ordered to judicial custody after being taken into custody by Rachakonda police late on tuesday night. The suspects were later transferred to Cherlapally jail and have been charged with kidnapping, wrongful confinement, assault, and attempted murder.

Rachakonda police have stated that Mallanna and four other employees of his YouTube channel Q news were detained for assaulting police officers, contrary to earlier reports that he had been detained for allegedly making insulting remarks about chief minister K. chandrasekhar Rao and his family. On tuesday night in the Peerzadiguda neighborhood, two police constables were on duty to conduct vehicle checks to deter chain snatchings.

The police constables were approached by three unidentified individuals brandishing lathis who then took them against their will to the adjoining Q news office. police officers attempted to provide their identity cards, but the attackers stole them, carried them to the Q news office, and showed them in front of Mallanna while claiming that police were lurking nearby their office. "Mallanna then gave the order to bring them into his room, where they were severely beaten after stealing their cell phones. Teenmaar Mallanna began hitting them with a stick after inadvertently locking his friends in their office, according to the police.

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