Why they are not allowed to watch Simbu's film..!?

After the complaint of untouchability, the management of rohini Theater in chennai has given a new explanation about it. Pathu Thala movie starring simbu has been screened at rohini Theater in chennai today. When the first scene of the film was screened today at 8 am, a large number of simbu fans came eagerly to watch the film. Similarly, two women belonging to the Narikuruvar community had come to watch the film with their children.

All of them had come to watch the film with tickets, but the theater staff did not allow them to watch the film, so a complaint was raised. This incident of untouchability exploded after the release of a video about it. After the video went viral on social media, there was a lot of criticism against the rohini theater management. In this case, the management of rohini Theater has given a new explanation and released a report regarding this incident. In the report, the Censor Board has given a U/A certificate to the Pathu Thala film. These images can only be viewed by people above 12 years of age. Their staff refused to let children in as they were 2 years old, 6 years old, 8, and 10 years old.

Not understanding this, the audience gathered there and started raising their voices to let them in. rohini theater management has also released a video of them sitting in the theater watching the film, to avoid any law and order problems.

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