A tough policeman, Gurudev (Dhananjaya) is. He marries Bhoomi (Mayuri Natraja) and ravi (Anirudh Bhat), an abandoned inter-caste couple, only to learn later that Bhoomi is the daughter of the local landowner. avinash BS, Bhoomi's father, is angry about the union and dispatches his army to retrieve his daughter, alive or dead. Additionally, Gurudev receives a directive from his superiors to retrieve Bhoomi. Gurudev sacrifices everything to save the pair, but destiny has other ideas.

For Dhananjaya, 2022 was a mixed bag, but the big-budget action movie Gurudev Hoysala is the ideal vehicle for his return. He looks excellent while slamming villains in style. Having said that, naveen Shankar is a pleasant relief. The fullest extent of Naveen's ability as Bali has been explored by director Vijay. In some scenes, he actually outperforms Dhananjaya as he releases the beast. When the two meet, they both try to outdo one another, which has been advantageous for the movie. On film, they both exude energy.

But the conclusion could have been more powerful. Hoysala portrays police officers favorably, which is a change from the recent pattern. The fact that the story is set in North karnataka lends significance to it. Although the narrative may not be original, the way it is presented is very different. The relationship between Pratap Narayan and naveen Shankar is reminiscent of that of Duryodhana and Karna in the Mahabharata.

Hoysala is a respectable business entertainer with catchy lines. The dialogues in Hoysala must be attributed to writer Masthi for their strength. amrutha Iyengar portrays the perfect spouse. She portrays a woman who is aware that for the Hoysala, people come first with subtlety and effectiveness. There isn't a pointless love song, which is frequently added as a bonus in action movies.

Hoysala is a respectable addition to Sandalwood's police movie canon and is worth seeing in the theatre several times with some popcorn.

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