Majority of the people rely on air travel to reach distant places in less time. These are the days when air travel is more accessible to people. Although the cost seems to be a bit high, the answer is that the time is worth it. But now let's know about the strangest flights in the world.

Nguyen Thi Phuong Thaw, CEO of "Viet Jet Aviation" in Vietnam, had a new idea. That is to bring bikini-clad women as air hostesses. He also described this as a new strategy. As part of that women who work only in bikinis while dancing Hawaiian thought that it would be better to work in her home country's airline company.

In a similar vein, the famous American restaurant chain Hooters came up with an ingenious idea. The company has previously entered into a deal with airline companies. As part of that two Hooters girls flight attendants dressed in short skirts greet passengers and offer them various hospitality services. But recently this company has stopped air services!

In 2015, Rayani airlines, which was launched in Malaysia, was heard saying that the behavior of the company was very bad. A strict travel code has come to the fore requiring all female flight attendants working on these flights to wear hijab. All flights are conducted according to Islamic laws. This airline was shut down within a year after its launch.

And now the so-called airlines run completely differently. A German airline company has come up with the strange idea of taking passengers from the German city of Erfurt to the famous Baltic sea resort without any clothes on. Yes, according to the rules brought by this airline company passengers should wear clothes only when boarding and disembarking. Must be completely naked all the time on the plane!!

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