After the enormous success of his hit film "Jailer" last year, superstar Rajinikanth's newest picture, "Lal Salaam," opens today. The talk these days is mostly about Rajinikanth's incredible pay for the film, which has caused quite a stir due to its extraordinary sum. This is especially significant since it's a long cameo that appears on screen for thirty to forty minutes. According to reports, Rajinikanth is demanding an astounding ₹40 crores for this little but significant part in "Lal Salaam," which works out to one crore every minute.

Despite the huge amount, it highlights Rajinikanth's remarkable star power and the great enthusiasm his participation provides to the picture. It's crucial to understand the minute-by-minute breakdown since filming a 30-minute segment for television might need ten to fifteen working days. Even at seventy-three, Rajinikanth's ageless charm and capacity to captivate crowds allow him to command high fees for his parts. It appears, though, that not even his presence would be enough to keep Lal Salaam afloat at the telugu box office.

In tamil Nadu, Rajinikanth has always been a confusing figure in terms of his political and ideological loyalty. According to Aishwarya's remarks during the audio launch of Lal Salaam, the actor is thought of as a "sanghi" in real life. He presents an argument against religious politics and persecution in films like Pa Ranjith's Kaala. kaala does not bow down to anyone.

However, Rajinikanth, who is openly a devoted Hindu, touches cm Yogi Adithyanath's feet. When the ram temple in ayodhya was opened, Rajini would describe it as a spiritual celebration, but Moideen Bhai in Lal Salaam would make calm arguments against polarising politics and assert that "religious structures should not be razed down." The uncertainty remains even after Lal Salaam was released.

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