After nine arduous years, superstar Rajinikanth's daughter aishwarya Rajinikanth returned to the director's chair. In 2012, she made her feature film debut in "3," starring dhanush and shruti Haasan. In 2014, she directed the criminal comedy Vai raja Vai. She stepped down from her role as director with the premiere of Lal Salaam this week. The movie debuted to dismal reviews and poor box office receipts. tamil Nadu's box office receipts were meager, while the telugu states' receipts were humiliating.

Over the weekend, many events in AP/TS were canceled at various locations. Nobody anticipated such a negative reception to a movie with Rajinikanth (albeit in a lengthy appearance), particularly after the enormous hit that was Jailer the previous year. In the past, soundarya Rajinikanth, Rajinikanth's other daughter, produced the 2014 film Kochadaiiyaan. That movie was likewise a resounding failure at the box office and received negative reviews from critics.
After viewing the results of both films, Rajinikanth's supporters are dissatisfied and are expressing on social media that he shouldn't participate in his daughters' films out of duty but rather assist them in other ways. They want him to consider both the broader public and his devoted followers. Although it's sad that none of Rajinikanth's daughters has produced a truly remarkable movie to far, one can only hope that good fortune will finally smile on them and they'll make a picture that lives up to their father's legendary reputation.

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