A famous lead singer who attacked a fan with a mic..!?

Famous singer Aditya Narayanan attacked a fan who expressed his happiness and threw away his cell phone. Udith Narayanan is one of the most popular singers in tamil cinema. Although he has sung many songs in Hindi, his songs have a huge following in the tamil film industry as well. We can go on and on saying that Kulluwali in the film Muthu, and Engeyo Partha Nyabagam in the film Yardee Nee Mohini. The list goes on.
Like him, his son Aditya Narayanan is also a popular singer. A video of him attacking a fan and throwing away his phone while he was performing at a concert over the weekend has gone viral on social media... with many people continuing to express their condemnation. That is, the incident took place at a college in Chhattisgarh, during a concert by Aditya Narayanan. The concert was attended by a large number of music lovers, women and children, from college students. While Aditya Narayanan was singing 'Aaj Ki Raath' from Shah Rukh Khan starrer 'Don'... a fan apparently expressed his happiness by touching Aditya's feet.Enraged by this, Aditya not only hit the man with the mic in his hand but also grabbed the phone by force and threw it at the crowd. Adhya Narayanan's performance left the audience in shock. Also on social media, many fans have expressed strong condemnation of his actions. They are pointing out that it is very wrong to behave in this way, even if the fan has caused trouble

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