When a technical problem forced the airplane rashmika mandanna was on to make an emergency landing, she was put in a scary predicament. rashmika and her fellow passengers were frightened by the occurrence, which prompted fans and well-wishers to express their worry. rashmika shared a picture of herself from inside the plane on social media, documenting the stressful events as they happened. As soon as the photo became viral, her fans responded with an outpouring of love and support.
 The aircraft was traveling from mumbai to hyderabad when it experienced mechanical issues and turbulence. For safety, it had to head back to Mumbai. Fortunately, no one was harmed. Shortly after the emergency landing, the airlines made sure that the passengers would have as little disruption as possible by scheduling a replacement aircraft to finish the trip. Before the airplane returned safely, rashmika and colleague actor shraddha das had to battle with the terrifying turbulence. She posted a selfie to instagram and mentioned their "escape from death" half-jokingly.

When "Rainbow," rashmika Mandanna's highly anticipated debut film featuring a female lead, debuted in april of last year, she was overjoyed. However, after only 15 to 20 days of filming, according to insiders in Chennai, the movie had a setback. The makers allegedly decided to put a stop to the production because of the poor box office success of female-oriented tamil films in Kollywood, hoping to bring the thriller back at a more favourable time.

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