In the midst of global economic uncertainty and rising job insecurity, technology companies are navigating the challenges of retaining talent. Even giants in the industry are making tough decisions, leading to heightened tension among tech employees. Against this backdrop, an intriguing incident involving google has come to light, where a departing employee, upon submitting their resignation letter, was not only urged to reconsider but was offered a staggering threefold increase in salary to stay with the company.

The employee in question, an AI technician based in the united states working on Google's search team, had decided to transition to another company named 'Perplexity AI.' However, upon receiving the resignation letter, google, recognizing the employee's critical role in AI technology, expressed a strong desire for them to stay and promptly proposed a remarkable 300 percent salary hike as an incentive.

This incident has gained attention, shedding light on the challenges companies face in retaining skilled professionals, especially in the tech industry. google, under the leadership of CEO Sundar Pichai, has recently undergone significant layoffs, with thousands of employees being terminated globally in 2023 and further reductions in january 2024.

The revelation about the substantial salary increase and the plea for the employee to stay was shared by Arvind Srinivas, the CEO of 'Perplexity AI,' in a podcast. The incident underscores the value placed on crucial skills and expertise, emphasizing that, even amid layoffs, companies are willing to go to great lengths to retain indispensable talent.

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