With consecutive successes, malayalam cinema is soaring, outpacing other sectors of the economy. It has produced four successful pictures in as many weeks as three or four: Premalu, Bramayugam, Abraham Ozler, and Anweshippin Kandethum. The newest unexpected addition to the winning streak is Manjummel Boys. This film chronicles the trip of eleven young people from Manjummel, Kochi, who encounter a horrific event at the Guna Caves in tamil Nadu. This compelling story, told in a personal way, touches on friendship, police ineptitude, survival, and religion.

Manjummel Boys is a suspenseful survival thriller that takes place in the eerie Guna Caves and is inspired by a genuine story from 2006. Instead of depending solely on dramatic music, Shyju Khalid's breathtaking cinematography enhances the focus on genuine human emotions and authenticity. director Chidambaram produces a fascinating thriller, gaining accolades for its honest narrative. The film's remarkable performances and visually stunning production have driven it to an amazing opening day at the box office, grossing an astounding ₹6.9 Cr worldwide ($363K, or ₹3.85 Cr) locally and $363K, or ₹3 Cr, internationally.

Actor and DMK mla stalin -Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>udhayanidhi stalin also praised the movie and even shared his views on it. The movie is making a huge noise already and no wonder malayalam movies are turning the Box Office!

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