Sivakumar apologized for the thrown shawl controversy..!?

Actor Suriya's father Sivakumar threw away the shawl his fan had brought for him to wear when he went to attend a function in Karaikudi. Actor Suriya's father Sivakumar, a few years ago, grabbed the cell phone of someone who came to take a selfie and threw it away. In this situation, Sivakumar, who had gone to participate in an event held in Karaikudi a few days ago, grabbed the shawl from an old man who came to wear it and threw it away.
A book release ceremony was held in Karaikudi written by Pazha Karuphaiyya. This incident took place when Sivakumar went to participate in it. Sivakumar's action was also criticized on social media. He has now apologized for the incident and explained why he did so.

In the video released by Sivakumar, he do not have the habit of wrapping a shawl. If someone wraps a shawl for him, he will return it to them. He was also very tired as the show ended late that day. Then his friend Karim came to give him a shawl when he was coming down after speaking on the stage. Knowing that he don't like wearing a shawl, he came with a shawl in his hand. If it was his mistake to bring the shawl knowing that he did not like it, then it was his mistake to buy the shawl and put it down in public. Sivakumar has said in that video that he apologize for that.

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