The tamil Nadu administration was taken aback when a rocket with the Chinese flag appeared in an advertising for a new indian space research organisation (Isro) spaceport in the southern state. DMK mp Kanimozhi defended the state administration by stating that she was unsure of the source of the image and downplaying the Chinese flag's appearance by pointing out that china has not been designated as a "enemy country" by India.

The leader of the ruling DMK said to news agency ANI, "I'm not sure where the artist who created the artwork got this image. india hasn't, in my opinion, designated china as an adversary. I've seen that the Chinese PM was invited by the prime minister, and they visited Mahabalipuram. You are looking for ways to deflect the situation simply because you do not want to face the reality."

The advertisement, which was purportedly released by State Fisheries minister Anita Radhakrishnan, was meant to commemorate prime minister Narendra Modi's laying of the foundation stone for the isro spaceport in Kulasekarapattinam and to draw attention to the work that former chief minister Karunanidhi and his son, current chief minister MK Stalin, did to see the project through to completion. However, it unintentionally displayed a computer-generated rocket with the Chinese national flag, which led the bjp to launch a fierce attack on the ruling DMK.

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