Any nation's tourist industry would benefit from a Taylor Swift performance. When Taylor performs hit after hit at one of those bizarre shows in cities all over the world, it makes Swifties nervous and makes them eager to come to the event of their choosing. Sydney has witnessed it. singapore is getting ready. And according to Alhasan Aldabbagh, president of APAC markets at Saudi Tourism Authority, Swift could soon be travelling to Saudi Arabia's desert. india Herald got up with Alhasan Aldabbagh when he was in the capital for SATTE.

We spoke for thirty minutes, during which Aldabbagh informed us that 'discussions were underway' on obtaining Taylor Swift to perform in Saudi Arabia. Aldabbagh responds, "We'll see... maybe there will be some good news soon," when we ask him if Swifties can anticipate seeing her perform live in saudi arabia shortly.
Nevertheless, saudi arabia is a very interesting place to travel, Taylor Swift or not. The nation is completely focused on achieving Vision 2030.
A new saudi arabia will emerge from the desert by 2030 as Crown prince Mohammed Bin salman accelerates infrastructure, tourism, and development. saudi arabia is focusing its tourist efforts on the east, with india at the forefront of its intentions to expand.

"I believe if you are true about your objectives and ambition about a market like India... we need to understand the people. And once we understand the people and the differences, and india is a big market - with many cities, with many geographical areas, with many cultures, many languages, and religions... Once we understand that, we can design more customised offers for the different regions. And this is how we will truly become a top destination for the india market," says Aldabbagh.

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