Diligent Arvind Dharmapuri, a bjp mp from Nizamabad, wants the term "secular" removed from the indian Constitution. Arvind contends that thousands of people were needlessly slaughtered in 1947 when the nation was split along religious lines, against the will of the majority. Furthermore, there's no need to say anything more.

"This country was split into three sections, with two of those sections becoming Islamic countries. What about Hindus, then? Why was the word "secular" pushed into the constitution in 1975, although nothing happened? Is this not politics of appeasement and vote banks? Every phrase in the Constitution matters.

He was talking about the split of pakistan and India, which led to the creation of Bangladesh.
He informed this correspondent, "That is my wish, and the constitution gives me the right to speak about my wish."
Under prime minister Indira Gandhi's Emergency Period, the 42nd Amendment Act of 1976 inserted the terms "Socialist" and "Secular" into the Preamble of the Constitution.
India's status as a "Sovereign, Democratic, Republic" was modified to "Sovereign, Socialist, Secular, Democratic, Republic" by the 42nd Amendment to the Constitution, which also replaced the phrase "unity of the nation" with "unity and integrity of the nation."

Arvind recently stirred up controversy by claiming that to secure a spot in jannat (Heaven), those who benefited from prime minister Narendra Modi's many projects should vote for him.
"You will have a spot in jannat if you vote for Modi and behave well. I'm hoping they'll all go to Jannat. Why might anyone consider to "Jahannum" (Hell)? I hope everyone from my constituency goes to jannat," he said.
He expressed confidence that the bjp will win 370 lok sabha seats (under the Abrogation of Article 370) and stated that voters across would support prime minister Narendra Modi.

Regarding state politics, he disregarded the cooperation between his party and BRS. It is unequivocally true that there won't be a partnership with BRS. In the lok sabha elections, BRS is meaningless," he continued.
When asked about Congress's control over the state, he responded that the party is having trouble putting its plans into action and has not lived up to its electoral pledges. congress frequently replaces two or three of a state's CMs. "I hope my friend cm Revanth reddy finishes his term," he said.

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