The designation of india as a "developing country" has persisted for nearly four decades, despite notable progress in economic reforms, the software and pharma sectors, and substantial improvements in infrastructure. However, the persistent presence of poverty remains a subject of concern and debate among economic experts.

While india has witnessed significant economic growth, there are arguments suggesting that factors such as price rises and changes in the cost of living have kept the middle class in a state of relative poverty. Simultaneously, there are criticisms asserting that the rich have continued to accumulate wealth, exacerbating income inequality.

Contrary to these perspectives, a United Nations announcement from less than six months ago hailed India's remarkable progress in poverty reduction. The UN report stated that 415 million people in india were lifted out of poverty over a span of 15 years, describing it as a "stunning achievement." These calculations were based on data from 2005-06 to 2019-21.

The report indicated that around 645 million people in india were living in multidimensional poverty in 2005-06. This number decreased to approximately 370 million in 2015-16 and further declined to 230 million by 2019-21. In terms of figures, the United Nations estimates that 415 million indians have been lifted out of poverty in this 15-year period.

Considering India's current estimated population of over 140 crores (1.4 billion), the World Poverty Clock suggests that poverty in the country is now less than 3 percent. The Poverty Clock utilizes a purchasing power standard, indicating that only 3 percent of people in india have a daily purchasing power of less than $1.9 (Rs. 158). The clock reports that 3.4 crore people are living in extreme poverty, with 94 percent of them residing in rural areas. It's important to note that the figures and estimates may vary, and different sources may present different perspectives on India's poverty scenario. Recently, niti aayog stated that the percentage of poor in the country is less than 5 percent.

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