Railway minister Ashwini Vaishnaw revealed on saturday the reason behind the accident: the driver and assistant driver of one of the two passenger trains that crashed in andhra pradesh on october 29, 2023, killed 14 people. They were watching a cricket match on their phones. At 7 pm on that day, the Howrah-Chennai line near Kantakapalli, in the vizianagaram district of andhra pradesh, saw the Rayagada Passenger train collide with the Visakhapatnam Palasa train from behind. More than fifty people suffered injuries.

Vaishnaw mentioned the Andhra train disaster when discussing the new safety protocols that indian Railways has been developing. "The recent andhra pradesh instance occurred as a result of the loco pilot and co-pilot being preoccupied with the on-going cricket match. In order to ensure that the pilots and assistance pilots are totally focused on operating the train, we are now building technology that can identify any such diversion," Vaishnaw told PTI.

"We will continue to put our focus on safety," he continued. Every event is investigated to determine its underlying cause, and a remedy is devised to ensure that it doesn't happen again." Although the Commissioners of Railway Safety (CRS) investigation report has not yet been made public, an initial railway investigation conducted the day following the accident found that the Rayagada Passenger train's driver and assistant driver were at fault for the collision because they had crossed two defective auto signals that went against protocol.

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