Why are Sri Lankan fisherman protesting...?

The fishermen, who were from the districts of Jaffna, Mullaitivu, and Mannar, promised to further up their protests if the situation continued unchecked. On Sunday, a large number of fishermen from sri lanka demonstrated against their indian counterparts, claiming that they were fishing illegally in Sri Lankan waters, according to PTI.

Why are fisherman in sri lanka staging protests?

The fishermen, who were from the districts of Jaffna, Mullaitivu, and Mannar, complained to the authorities about what they believed to be frequent invasions by indian fisherman and asked them to stop.

They promised to step their protests if things continued unchallenged.

Relations between india and sri lanka have been strained by the persistent tensions around the fishermen's issue, which has led to sporadic confrontations like the Sri Lankan Navy fire events and the detention of indian fishermen.

Palk Strait conflict strains relations between sri lanka and India

The Palk Strait, a small body of water that divides sri lanka and tamil Nadu, is a productive fishing area for both countries. There have been calls for appropriate actions to resolve the ongoing concerns posed by the contested fishing area in the water body. The sri lanka Navy captured more than 40 indian fishermen this month. 35 trawlers were seized after 240 indian fishermen were detained in 2023 on suspicion of poaching in Sri Lankan waters.

Fishermen's organizations have protested several times in the past several months, including in front of the indian consulate in Jaffna. They claim that indian counterparts are still engaging in illegal fishing, and they are upset about this. The Hindu said that puducherry chief minister N Rangasamy wrote to prime minister Narendra Modi earlier this week, pleading for the Centre to step in and secure the return of fishing boats that the Sri Lankan government had seized from the union territory.

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