Kamala harris urges for an urgent cease-fire in Gaza...

On Sunday, march 3, US Vice President Kamala harris demanded an urgent cease-fire in Gaza. In order to address the "inhumane" circumstances and "humanitarian catastrophe" among the Palestinian people, she also encouraged israel to expand the flow of aid. Speaking at a gathering in Selma, Alabama to honor the anniversary of "Bloody Sunday," harris said the things." "People are going hungry in Gaza. "We must act because the conditions are inhumane and because of our shared humanity," harris allegedly stated. "The Israeli government needs to take further action to significantly increase the supply of humanitarian aid. There are no justifications.

According to an Israeli daily, israel skipped Sunday's Gaza ceasefire negotiations in Cairo because Hamas would not reveal the identities of the detainees who are still alive. "Hamas says it's in favor of a truce. Indeed, there's a contract on the table. Furthermore, Hamas must accept that agreement, as we have stated," harris stated. "Let's arrange for a truce. Let us bring the captives' families back together. And let us give the Gazan people urgent help."

Joe Biden's most recent remarks

In the meantime, on february 26, President Joe Biden expressed his hope that the ongoing Israel-Hamas confrontation will end "next Monday." During an engagement at an ice cream shop in New York City with comedian Seth Meyers, Biden responded to a question about when a ceasefire may start, saying, "Well, I hope by the beginning of the weekend, I mean, the end of the weekend." We're near, my national security adviser tells me. We're not quite done, but we're close. And I expect we'll have a cease-fire by monday of next week," Biden went on.

According to CNN, Hamas previously withdrew a number of significant demands in prisoner talks and called for a ceasefire in Gaza after israel branded its stance as "delusional." A top official in the Biden administration claims that "the main challenges have been overcome with respect to of Hamas insisting on the complete withdrawal of Israeli forces and a conclusion to the war." "Hamas has reduced its requirements for the quantity of Palestinians [prisoners] who would need to be discharged."

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