Ram Charan's makeup artist has claimed that actor Shah Rukh Khan insulted him during the Ambanis' celebration in Jamnagar by saying, "Idli vada." Zeba Hassan went on to say that she left the event thereafter and posted a video of the evening on instagram to back up her claims. On social media, however, a number of people said that Shah Rukh's on-stage comments had similarities to his lines from "One 2 Ka 4," one of his older films, and that everything was joking.

Shah Rukh Khan was most recently spotted in Jamnagar, Gujarat, where he was there for the grand three-day pre-wedding celebration of Anant Ambani and radhika Merchant. Along with salman khan and Aamir Khan, he attempted to do the "Naatu Naatu" step while dancing on stage. At that moment, he invited ram Charan, who had also participated in the celebrations, to join them on stage for a leg shake. But according to Upasana's makeup artist, SRK called the telugu actor 'idli vada' and behaved disrespectfully towards him. She left the gathering shortly after that.

While some criticised SRK for the remarks, several others said that the superstar was only ever respectful towards ram Charan, sharing a clip where the senior actor is seen on 'One 2 Ka 4'.

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