The container ship Dali, which crashed with the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore, has a crew of 20 indians and one Sri Lankan, and they will stay on board until the investigation into the event is over, according to PTI. According to a representative for the ship's owner, Grace Ocean Pte, the crew members were supporting the Coast Guard and National Transportation Safety Board in their inquiry.

However, the representative did not provide a timeframe for the crew's required stay on board. "At this time, we do not know how long the investigation process will take and until that process is complete, the crew will remain on board," a spokeswoman stated. As part of their inquiry, the US authorities have already started interrogating the crew members on board and have gathered papers and excerpts from the voyage data recorder.

Jennifer Homendy, the chairwoman of the National Transportation Safety Board, has indicated the cargo ship held a considerable number of dangerous and inflammable items.
Since the container ship's collision with the four-lane, 2.6-kilometer-long Francis Scott Key Bridge on march 26, the crew has stayed on board. The cargo ship, measuring 984 feet, was headed for Colombo, Sri Lanka.
Presumably killed in the disaster are six construction workers who were patching potholes on the bridge at the time. But just two corpses have been discovered thus far.

The indian crew, who are reportedly "healthy," are being closely monitored by the indian embassy in Washington, according to a statement released by the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) last week. During the collision, one crew member suffered injuries. According to PTI, he received treatment and was released from the hospital.
The business supporting Synergy Marine, the ship's management company, had earlier said that there was sufficient food and water for the crew members as well as fuel to run the generators.


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