Despite less rain falling on the city, Hyderabad's air quality in march of this year showed some improvement over the same month previous year. The average 24-hour air Quality Index (AQI) for march was 83.51, down 3.16 percent from 86.23 in march 2023, according to data issued by the Central pollution Control Board. On the AQI scale, both numbers are in the "satisfactory" range.

This march, the majority of the city's days had "satisfactory" air quality, which indicates mild respiratory discomfort for those who are sensitive, according to the pollution board's assessment. In comparison, the city saw five days with "moderate" air quality last year, which made those with heart and respiratory issues feel uncomfortable.
The notable increase in the quality of the air this march is especially noteworthy because there haven't been any major rainfall events, in contrast to the extraordinary march rains that occurred in 2023. With 31.7 mm of reported rainfall on march 16, of last year, hyderabad saw its most march rainfall in eight years.

This weather occurrence brought up memories of the historic 38.4 mm of rain that fell on march 5, 2014.
Even yet, the air quality in march this year was still comparatively better than the statistics from the previous year, despite the absence of significant rains. The telangana State pollution Control Board's analysis of the month's events revealed sporadic occurrences of moderate air quality levels at sites such the grounds of Nehru Zoological Park, ECIL, Kompally, Pashamylaram, and Bollaram.
In the meanwhile, the city saw different degrees of pollution between january and february according to the monthly AQI results.

Many regions saw moderate to high levels of pollution in January; Sanathnagar, Pashamylaram, and Bollaram, for example, had noticeably higher AQI readings of 130, 138, and 132, respectively.
But there were some places, including kukatpally and Nacharam, where the AQI was significantly higher at 82 and 81, respectively. Many places saw a noticeable improvement in the quality of the air in february, with some having lower AQI readings than in January.

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