Accident in the shooting site of Vidamuyarchi..!? Viral Video..!!

The video of the accident that took place while shooting a scene in Vidamuyarchi is going viral on the internet. Actor ajith kumar starrer film Vidamuyarchi directed by Magizh Thirumeni. The shooting of this film took place in dubai a few months ago. At that time, in a scene that was shot while driving a car, the scenes of actor ajith kumar and Aarav getting into an accident have now been released. This video has been released by actor Ajith's spokesperson suresh Chandra. In this, there are three-angle views of how the accident took place. One is the camera inside the car in which Ajith-Aarav is traveling. Another is a drone camera that takes pictures while flying. Another long shot camera. It is said that this scene is a scene from the movie Vidamuyarchi, and for this, the scenes were filmed without stuntmen and actually by accident. These scenes were shot in november last year (2023).

Many tamil film actors hire stunt doubles during dangerous fight scenes and when filming dangerous scenes. Not only in the tamil film industry but also in Hollywood, many famous actors have 'dopes'. Hollywood's tom Cruise, no matter how dangerous the scene, will do it himself without dope. But as far as the tamil film industry is concerned, few actors perform risky scenes without stuntmen. ajith kumar is one of the actors who take such risks. He has acted without doubles in the fight scenes of many films, including the dangerous bike-chasing scene in Mangatha. In that way, he has also acted in the accident scene of the film Vidamuyarchi. Not only him, Aarav has played the role of traveling with him with blood on his neck. His fans are praising him for his courage.

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