It is needless to say that vijayasai reddy is an important leader in YCP. He is like a pillar of the ycp party. He was in visakha before the 2019 elections. The party has been strengthened in Visakhapatnam. In 2014, ycp won only 34 mla seats, but by 2019, vijayasai reddy managed to prevent the rival tdp from getting even nine. It is said that vijayasai Reddy's strategy is amazing as he made ycp win the whole of Uttar Andhra.

YCP won the visakha Corporation elections. Visakhapatnam is the stronghold of TDP. In 2019, ycp won four seats in the city. In such a place, in the elections held in the year 2021, the visakha Corporation was won by YSP. ycp fans thought that vijayasai Reddy's thoughts and hopes were behind this. Also vijayasai reddy wanted to contest as visakha MP. If he had contested, he would have been set as a perfect candidate. But he left Visakhapatnam. In an interview, vijayasai reddy made key comments.

He said that he did not want to leave visakha and he was sent away. In this matter, ycp leaders have also conspired with tdp leaders and made sensational allegations against their party leaders. Now his comments are also increasing negativity against YCP. vijayasai explained that in Visakhapatnam I visited every gate, every street, organized cricket tournaments for the youth, organized many job fairs in Visakhapatnam.

Moreover, he said that I ran a hospital in Visakhapatnam during the Corona time. He expressed his grief that he was expelled from visakha for doing this. As he said that there are leaders of his party in this matter, the negativity will increase whether there are similar leaders in YCP. vijayasai reddy left Visakhapatnam and is now contesting as mp from Nellore. He is working hard for victory as nellore MP. It is one thing to say that he wanted to contest from Visakhapatnam suddenly, but to say that his own party leaders have conspired has become a stain on the party.

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