Nobody could have predicted that Nara lokesh would develop into the person he is today. It has been dubbed a surprising comeback by everybody due to his metamorphosis and his understanding of several themes while speaking, without reading from paper like jagan, among other considerations. The tamil Nadu bjp President annamalai is running for office in Coimbatore, and the bjp requested lokesh to help her campaign. There are many Telugu-speaking people in Coimbatore. The fact that lokesh chose to run for office with the renowned and exceptional speaker annamalai demonstrates how far he has come.

In Coimbatore, lokesh made some intriguing revelations during his address. He said that when jagan detained his father, Chandrababu Naidu, under pretenses, annamalai had phoned him. Additionally, lokesh claimed that he and annamalai used to talk about Padayatra arrangements and other things all the time. Thanking lokesh for his support, annamalai acknowledged the importance of Chandrababu in the development of hyderabad and commended him for his vision.
 State bjp president K annamalai stated on thursday that prime minister Narendra Modi has promised to protect the people of tamil Nadu from the "evil force" that is the DMK.
When asked about chief minister M K Stalin's 23 questions, which included one concerning tamil Nadu's NEET exemption, annamalai informed reporters that Modi promised to hold the dishonest politicians from "Gopalapuram," a reference to the DMK, accountable.
He stated that Modi has promised to end "family rule" in the state and protect the people of tamil Nadu from the "evil force" that is the DMK.
Without going into further detail, annamalai stated that Modi has promised to suppress people who use the terminology of "separatism."

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